Under Jesus’ authority over the entire church, He has entrusted local churches to elders who lead under Him. They teach, lead, care for and protect the church. (1 Peter 5:1-5, Acts 20:17 & 28) There is always a plurality of pastors and elders found in the New Testament.

Tomball Bible Church is Elder-led. A board of lay-elders and the senior pastor comprise the governing body of the congregation, while also serving as shepherds and teachers of Godly character (Titus 1:5-9;).

David Hinkle

David Hinkle Elder

Brian Schmitz

Brian Schmitz Elder

Don Metz

Don Metz Chairman

John Hattenberger

John Hattenberger Elder

Chip Pasche

Chip Pasche Elder


At Tomball Bible, we also employ additional shepherding pastors, ministry and support staff, and administrative staff to help fulfill the purpose to make disciples to reach the nations. These staff members work under the leadership of the Senior Pastor.

David Hinkle

David Hinkle Senior Pastor

Evan Godbold

Evan Godbold Worship & Communications Pastor

Danielle Quigley

Danielle Quigley Children's Ministry Director

Denise Bares

Denise Bares Financial Director

Nancy Stripling

Nancy Stripling Comm. Director & Office Manager

Kristen Frank

Kristen Frank Children's Ministry Assistant

Judy Morgan

Judy Morgan Office Assistant



Deacons are servants who are appointed to help care for and attend to the needs of the church (1 Timothy 3:8-13). The deacons at Tomball Bible are lay leaders appointed to serve the various ministries and people of the church.